Evening Walk July 13

swallows albany hill
swallow on east side of Albany Hill

Great news! The city of Albany has decided not to change Measure R at this time, and will be holding a workshop in the next couple of months to further discuss ideas and projects for the hill. Thanks to everyone who wrote letters and came to the city council meeting July 5, and thanks to the mayor and city council members for supporting the hill.

Come out and enjoy the hill this Weds July 13, 5:30 pm-6:30 pm as we take a leisurely walk looking at plants and birds and picking up trash. Free Friends of Albany Hill t-shirts for everyone who comes.

Location: Meet at the meadow on the south side of Cerrito Creek near the benches. Afterwards grab a bite to eat at Off the Grid on Fairmount Ave between San Pablo Ave and Carlson Blvd in El Cerrito. Directions:

Walk north down path from the end of Madison Ave in Albany, or walk east along path on south side of creek from Pierce Street in Richmond, or ford the creek from El Cerrito’s Creekside Park at the south end of Santa Clara Ave. For more info: friendsalbanyhill@gmail.org

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