Learn about invasive plants on Albany Hill this week

California bee plant, Scrophularia californica, an important native pollinator plant recolonizing in the oak woodland after ivy removal

Mapping Walk with Friends of Five Creek, Thurs June 22, 10-am-12pm. Help us map invasive plants along Cerrito Creek and the north and east sides of Albany Hill.
Please RSVP to friendsalbanyhill@gmail.com for the meeting place, as well as password to use when logging onto CalFlora.
Before you come (while you still have an Internet connection), download and log into the free app CalFlora Observer (Iphone) or Observer Pro (Android). Log into the F5C account f5creeks@outlook.com, using the password you receive.
You don’t need a cell phone to come along — this is a nice way to learn about both natives and invasives.

Last Saturday of the month work party, June 24, 9:30am-11:30am. Learn about how invasive plants are stifling biodiversity on the hill and creating fire hazards as we pull ivy and passion vine in the oak woodland and plant a few natives grown from seed collected on Albany Hill. Gloves and tools provided. Long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toed shoes recommended. Meet in the meadow south of Cerrito Creek on the NE side of the hill.
Walk north down path from the end of Madison Ave in Albany, or walk east along path on south side of creek from Pierce Street in Richmond, or ford the creek from El Cerrito’s Creekside Park at the south end of Santa Clara Ave. For more info:  friendsalbanyhill@gmail.com

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