Bird Walks on Albany Hill and nearby

walk/clean-up N side Albany Hill Key Clubs fr Albany & El Cerrito High
walk/clean-up N side Albany Hill

1. Creekside Park Bird Walk, this Sat. July 1, 9 AM – 11 AM. Led by Ralph Pericoli
Join us for a casual bird walk along Middle Creek and Cerrito Creek to Pierce Street. In addition to our local resident birds we’ll see those that have returned from their southern wintering grounds to nest here. We are near the end of the nesting season for some birds and many may soon stop singing, but we may get to see & hear juvenile birds that are still dependent on adults. Meet at the north end of Madison St in Albany. Bring binoculars, bird book or app.

2.  Osprey Tour, Sunday July 9, 9 AM – 1 PM. Led by Ralph Pericoli
From the first Osprey nest on Mare Island in 1990, Ospreys over time have expanded southward to Foster City to occupy 42 nesting sites. There are now 14 active nest sites in the Richmond area. We will take a tour of 5 of these nests along the Richmond shoreline to get some close-up views and good photo ops while talking about the history and how man has provided nesting opportunities for the Osprey.
Meet below the Pacific East Mall Jumbotron behind the bus stop on the east side of Pierce St., just south (~1000 ft.) of Central Ave. at 9 AM for a caravan carpool to the Osprey nests. Limited to 15 people. Email if interested.

3. Evening stroll/nature walk, Weds, July 12, 5:30-6:30 pm. Enjoy the long summer evening as we look for birds while we pick up trash and pull some weeds. Gloves and tools provided. Meet in the meadow south of Cerrito Creek on the NE side of the hill. Afterwards get a bite to eat a few blocks east at Off the Grid on Fairmount Ave between San Pablo Ave and Carlson Blvd in El Cerrito.
Walk north down path from the end of Madison Ave in Albany, or walk east along path on south side of creek from Pierce Street in Richmond, or ford the creek from El Cerrito’s Creekside Park at the south end of Santa Clara Ave.
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