light green lichen–probably Flavoparmelia caperata ; yellow lichen– probably Xanthoria parietina; growing on buckeye branch
Lichens are composite organisms made up of algae or cynaobacteria living among filaments of fungi. For more information see The California Lichen Society’s page or UC Museum of Paleontology’s page on lichens.


The following list of lichens on Albany Hill (not a complete list) was compiled by Jes Coyle, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, Saint Mary’s College of California. Her student-centered research and teaching lab (SMC LichenLab) is conducting several research projects on lichens, including monitoring lichen response to climate change and studying the ecology of fungi living within oakmoss lichen.

Partial List of Lichens on Albany Hill:

Candelariella sp
Cladonia sp.
Evernia prunastri
Flavoparmelia caperata
Flavopunctelia sp.
Lepraria sp.
Niebla cephalota
Ramalina farinacea
Usnea sp.
Xanthoria parietina