Half-empty or half-full?

sun cups blooming near rocks in NE meadowAlbany Hill
sun cups blooming

Sadness is in the sun cup shaded by weeds

the elderberry tree draped in cape ivy

the coast live oak strangled by Algerian ivy

the sagebrush shaded by eucalyptus

the French broom marching over the meadow

the trail overgrown with poison oak and other plants

the numbered days of the mules ears and poppies blooming in a vacant lot

ivy growing up mature oaks
ivy growing up oaks

Happiness is in the sun cup continuing to bloom despite the weeds around it

the elderberry tree growing leaves and flowers despite the cape ivy covering it

the coast live oak standing tall despite the ivy crawling up its trunk

the sagebrush growing and flowering despite being shaded by eucalyptus

the meadow with flowers blooming despite the advancing broom

the trail still passable despite the overgrowth

the mules ears and poppies continuing to bloom in the vacant lot despite their numbered days

-Margot Cunningham

trail through oak woodland
trail through oak woodland near bottom E side Albany Hill

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